Welcome to Bleak House Books

Bleak House Books is Hong Kong’s newest, independent book store.  We sell used and some new books, but mostly we sell books that people want to read.

That means out with Victorian novels and airport fiction and in with hard-boiled detective stories and apocalyptic fiction.

As a startup our main focus right now is to build the best selection of used books in Hong Kong: literature, non-fiction, essays, cookbooks, children’s.  In short something for everyone.

Check out our Facebook page for news about when and where you can buy our books.

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Who We Are

Bleak House Books is owned and operated by Albert Wan, a former civil rights lawyer.  Sometimes he gets sage advice from his wife, who will remain nameless but whose title as depicted on her business card, is “consigliere” to Bleak House Books.  But mostly it’s a one-man shop around here — at least for the time being.  Which is just how Albert likes it.

People often ask Albert why he gave up law for used books.  His parents did, for example.  But to Albert it was never a matter of why, but why not.

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Sell Us Your Books

As a used book store our stock is our trade.

We are always interested in acquiring used books.  No limits on genres or quantities.  We pay cash and will make house calls depending on what and how many books you wish to sell us.  Please call or write us for more information or to set up an appointment.

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Looking for a particular book?  Have books you want to sell us?  Ideas on how to make Bleak House Books the best used book store in Hong Kong?  Please write us.